Is it still being vain if you’re actually pretty? Like how you’re not actually paranoid if they ARE out to get you? Anyway, you’re hella cute so be as confident about it as you want darling.


it’s always being vain and it’s fantastic because I am 100 percent supporting vanity

every person should be vain :P xxx

There is nothing wrong in looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking ‘yes, I like it’. The world would 100% be a better place if we all did it.

I have taken the slightly different approach of not caring how I look most of the time, which leads to questionable fashion choices and routinely  running out of make-up.



New dust jacket covers by John Duddle. (available from September 1st!)

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Okay I’m going to rant for a moment and I apologize in advance.

But I really hate these new covers.

From what I’ve heard these are only the British(?) editions, so as an American this doesn’t affect me at all, but I seem to insist on having an opinion about, well, everything.

Let’s talk about how most of these covers feature an event that happens later on in the books. Maybe it’s because, as someone who’s read all the books, I know what’s going on in each picture, but they seem a bit spoilery to me. When Harry’s fighting the basilisk, we don’t know that Fawkes is going to swoop in and help him, we don’t know that he’s going to get the sword - in that moment, while we’re reading, we’re supposed to be scared for Harry because he has no wand, no one there to help him, he has nothing. So that ruins the suspense, if you ask me. Same thing goes for the patronus on the Prisoner of Azkaban cover, Harry having the broom to complete the first task, riding the Nargles (which, as a person who’s never seen anyone die, I shouldn’t be able to see them anyway but I digress), being attacked by the inferi, and being wandless while Voldemort casts the killing curse at him - who approved the designs of these covers???

So that’s my first issue. The spoilers. My second issue? Harry. Perhaps it’s personal preference, but his hair isn’t nearly messy enough and I hate the center part. But you know what maybe that’s just personal preference; everyone sees Harry differently. The real problem is that Harry never seems to look older than eleven years old. I mean I know he’s small and scrawny in the first book, but by Deathly Hallows, he’s a seventeen year old who grew to the same height as his father, who is always described as tall.

I’m not familiar with any of the overseas covers, but perhaps this is a peculiarity of UK publishing because all the original UK covers were spoiler-y to some extent, some revealing more important plot points than others. 

And I’m 100% with you on the way Harry looks, it’s as if he hasn’t changed at all over seven years.

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A Ron without brain scars is not a Ron I am interested in seeing.

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I’m terrible at these, I can never think of things to say.

your notes drabble oh my god
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I’m not sorry.

Hi! Happy Monday! Maybe some Percabeth with the whole the world is black and white until you meet your soulmate thing.


Happy Thursday! This is a terribly long drabble, but it is full of so much fluff, and I hope you like it :)


Annabeth doesn’t mind seeing the world in monochrome. It’s comforting, really. She has her job, and her goals, and her routine. Black and white. She wakes up early and goes to the gym, showers before work, sits at her desk with her precise lines and measurements and formulas; she eats a salad for lunch, take-out for dinner, and makes herself comfortable at the end of the day on her ridiculously expensive and comfortable couch with a bottle of ridiculously cheap wine.

She’s a woman of good taste with a small budget. What can she say? It takes her back to college.

And, speaking of college, Annabeth can just now see her old roommate and best friend jumping up and down at the front of the waiting crowd outside airport security. Piper, dressed in shorts and high tops and a loose tank, holds up a huge, glittering sign that reads ‘ANNABETH!’ It’s decorated with flowers and stickers and paint in differing shades of gray.

It’s most likely the most obnoxiously colorful sign in existence, which makes Annabeth more than grateful that she is only seeing it so muted.

“So that is terrible,” Annabeth says when she gets close enough, dropping her bag and purse to wrap her arms around Piper. “Please don’t tell me how much you wasted on that thing.”

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Jily Week Day 5: Dates

‘So.’ Lily stared at her own finger as she ran it round and round the rim of her glass.

James cleared his throat uncomfortably. ‘So.’

‘Did you er, have anything planned for today at all?’ The sentence came out in one long rush, and she glanced up at him from under her eyelashes.

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat. ‘No, I didn’t. Should…should I have done? I’m sorry, I didn’t think that you’d want…’

‘No, no!’ She interrupted, stammering out a vaguely coherent sentence. ‘I didn’t mean…I didn’t expect you to plan anything out or anything, it’s just that, you know, you tend to go in for crazy plans…’

‘Yeah, but I thought you weren’t all that keen on my crazy plans, so…’

‘No, I like your crazy plans. The less crazy ones anyway. Some of them. I mean…’ She trailed off, recognising that she was rambling like a crazy person, and stared down at her hands again.

There was an odd moment of uncomfortable silence, which was eventually broken by James attempting to muffle a laugh. Her head snapped up, eyes narrowing at the thought that he was laughing at her discomfort, but he was watching her with an affectionate look, his chin resting on his elbow where it was propped on the table.

‘This should not be this hard.’ He said quietly. ‘We’ve come to Hogsmeade together before, we’ve spent time alone together every day for months. But label it a “date”, and we both become tongue-tied and stupid.’

She managed an awkward smile at that. ‘Aren’t first dates meant to make you all uneasy? It’s normal to have a stomach full of butterflies right?’

He grinned widely. ‘Is your stomach full of butterflies then Evans?’

‘Nah, I just heard that’s how it’s supposed to go. You’ve never set my nerve endings a-trembling Potter.’ She wiggled her eyebrows as she took a sip from her glass, and he laughed again.

‘You dirty little liar.’

They both laughed then, and the nerves dissipated like they had never been there. They talked, refilled their drinks, ordered food – which led to a brief tussle of hands as Lily tried to swipe a sample off James’ plate and he defended it vigorously – and generally whiled away their day in Hogsmeade engrossed in each other in the back corner of the pub.

Some people might have thought it wasn’t much of a first date, as far as first dates went, but it was very much them.

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Team Free Will »» [X]

and happy croatoan day :D

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